What is the acrylic sheet?

1 . " Acrylic " is the word may sound very strange , because it was nearly two years before a new word in the continent . Until 2002 , it is in the advertising industry , the furniture industry, handicraft industry only gradually being understood minority . " Acrylic " is a transliteration of foreign words in English is ACRYLIC, it is a chemical material. Chemical name called "PMMA" is polymethylacrylate class , commonly known as " specially treated glass" , it is generally in the form of particles of raw material , sheet, pipe , etc. appear in the application industry .

    2 acrylic panels and glass " glass" from the English Organic Glass. In some areas in recent years, all of the transparent plastic sheet made ​​collectively known as plexiglass, in fact, this is wrong, acrylic specifically refers to pure poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) material, while the PMMA sheetacrylic sheet .

    3 features and advantages of acrylic sheet acrylic with high transparency , light transmission rate of 92% , the " plastic crystal " reputation. And has excellent weather resistance, especially applied to outdoor , ranking the highest in other plastics , and both a good surface hardness and gloss , processing plasticity, can be made into a variety of shapes and products needed . Another wide variety of rich color plates (with a translucent color palette ) , another feature is able to maintain high transparency thick .

    4 Acrylic history , acrylic (ACRYLIC), the common name special treatment plexiglass. Acrylic on research and development , dating back over one hundred years of history. 1872 acrylic polymerizable before they were discovered ; 1880 polymerizable methacrylate become known ; 1901 poly propylene acid lipid synthesis study is completed ; 1927 attempt to use the aforementioned synthesis method industrialized manufacturing ; 1937 methacrylic acid lipid Industry manufacturing development success , thus entering the scale of manufacturing . During World War II because acrylic has excellent strength and toughness and transparency, first of all, to be used in aircraft windshields , tanks , cab drivers vision mirror . 1948 birth of the world's first acrylic bathtub , marking the acrylic applications into a new milestone.

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