Organic board / acrylic / PC board commonalities and disting

PMMA ( acrylic )

Plexiglass name: polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), English name Acrylics: some people called acrylic . There are excellent light transmission properties , through more than 92 % of sunlight , ultraviolet up 73.5% ; higher mechanical strength, a certain degree of heat cold resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation properties , dimensional stability, ease of molding , texturebrittle , easily soluble in an organic solvent, a surface hardness is not enough , easy to wipe the hair may be required to have a certain strength of the transparent structure in which a number of additives may be added to improve its performance , such as heat , abrasion and the like. At present, the material widely used in advertising light boxes, display ad impressions supplies, furniture supplies, hotel supplies , sanitary ware, ,,,, .

PC ( polycarbonate panels )

PC sheet , the chemical name ( polycarbonate ) English chemical name (PC). Stable climate has a special impact strength , wide temperature range (-100 ℃ to 120 ℃) ​​and flame retardant properties.

PC sheet characteristics : (1 ) it is a transparent plastic sheet , its high transparency ( you can replace the glass ) , transparency can reach 90 %. ( 2 ) the hardness of the surface gloss is good.( 3 ) processing in general, poor bending forming effect. (4) PC board good impact resistance , unbreakable , flame retardant . ( 5 ) green plastic plate, the surface resistance is 106-108n has excellent impact resistance and anti-static function .

Will be issued when cutting mild odor , excellent weatherability . Disadvantages: easy to scratch bending workability poor . PC endurance force plate mainly used for outdoor ceiling , canopy, highway noise and other impact areas.

PS organic board, the chemical name ( PS ) English chemical name (PS).

Plexiglass plate characteristics : ( a ) which is a transparent plastic sheet before its transparency ( can replace glass ) , can reach more than 89% transparency . Hardness in general. ( 2 ) glossy surfaces in general. ( 3 ) processing performance in general, suitable for mechanical processing and easily bending forming , suitable for screen-printing and laser engraving . At present, the material widely used in advertising light boxes , advertising display display products . But the effect is worse than the acrylic on the market the most popular plastic sheet : plexiglass panels , PC, PS, these types of plates are very like , in the same color contrast, those who simply can not make out what plate . If consumers do not understand the product knowledge , then it will give the seller the opportunity to bring deception . So that the seller will be profitable . Assuming the current plates are full of these kinds of transparent and colorless , so the consumer can identify to them are colorless and transparent, but can not identify who is plexiglass ( acrylic ) , who is the PC sheet and so on. Because this makes some unscrupulous businessmen will cheat some customers , with PS plate to act as plexiglass ( acrylic ) , PC solid sheet of plexiglass to act ,,,, ! Intangibles businesses can reap greater benefits. The fact that the customer will have serious consequences cycle , because they are not the same raw processing performance is not the same . However ,,, ! Today, the majority of long- Cheng tells how to identify customer groups plexiglass ( acrylic ), PC, PS, the secret will be taught to recognize everyone . Plastic sheet so that we can do a better job in this industry .

First: PMMA ( acrylic ) were: Extrusion plate and casting plate , extrusion plate recognition is transparency, with the most primitive method of identification , fire burning , burning flame clear, no smoke, bubbles, filament can be pulled out when the fire. Cast plate recognition are: greater transparency , when the fire burning , smoke , bubbles , squeaky sound, no wires when fire.

Second : PS polycarbonate panels , identification methods are: high transparency, good impact resistance , unbreakable , burning with fire burning basic vain , flame and black smoke will emerge partially .

Third : PS organic board, identification methods are: transparency in general, when there will be pitting reflective look . Relatively brittle, easily broken. Kaka hit the ground there will be sound . Will generate a lot of black smoke when the fire burning.

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