Extraordinary properties of PVC

PVC film with ordinary adhesive film , what difference will it make ? Ordinary paste film is directly attached with glue on the surface of the plate at room temperature , so after a couple of years later, the film is easy to fall off. The PVC membrane is application-specific vacuum laminator at a high temperature of 110 degrees of pressure plate attached to the surface , so easy to fall off .

Although PVC film has excellent quality assurance, but some might say , PVC , after all, is a chemical product, it is not as natural materials, toxic and odor can not be excluded , they will inevitably harm the environment . This is not true , it is because Germany is the raw material for the production of PVC film through a special extraction , toxic substances are completely extracted, so PVC is completely non-toxic and tasteless , the human skin or respiratory system without any stimulation , for those who wood and paint allergies , the use of PVC film packaging furniture or kitchen is very appropriate . By using PVC film for decoration film , people can use a lot of dense , particle board , plywood and fiberboard , reducing the use of wood , thereby reducing damage to forests and even the environment. From this perspective , PVC film to protect the ecological environment has made a great contribution.


PVC use in Western countries once caused a great controversy , and many people tried to use a variety of other materials instead of PVC. But the fact is , PVC quality than favorably compared to other alternatives , but it is cheaper than the cost of these materials. Experts through research found that in many industries , renounce the use of PVC will generate a significant number of additional costs . Specific data show that abandon the use of PVC will cost billions of additional mark . For specific consumers, this will mean a huge additional expenditure. To use as a surface material PVC windows , for example, if these windows do not use PVC, but the use of wood as an ordinary surface , then just cleaning and maintenance will increase amounting to a staggering cost .In a small town in England , people in the past two decades, use wooden windows , someone to clean these windows maintenance costs were investigated, and to compare it with the cost of cleaning PVC windows , the results showed that wood ordinary window cleaning system costs higher than the cost of cleaning windows PVC double.

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