Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet

Material:100% PMMA; Color: transparentwhiteredblackblueyellowgreen etc; Surface: Smooth/Frosted.


◆ Specification:
Type:Acrylic sheet, Mirror Acrylic sheet, Cast Acrylic sheet, Extrusion Acrylic   sheet.
Thickness: 1mm-20mm
Standard sheet: 
1220mmx1830mm,1220mm*2440mm, 1520mm*3030mm, 2020mm*3030mm  
Special size available as requests.
Density: 1.20g/cm³
Color:transparent white, red, black, blue, yellow, green etc
Surface: can be covered transparent PE protective film/ kraft  paper (neutral & printed your LOGO)  as your request.

Thickness(mm) Size(mm) Density (g/cm³) Color
1mm-2mm 1220mm*1830mm (4ft*6ft)
  1220mm*2440mm (4ft*8ft)
1.20 transparent white, red,black,
blue,yellow,green etc
3mm-10mm 1220mm*1830mm (4ft*6ft)
   1220mm*2440mm (4ft*8ft)
1.20 transparent white, red, black, blue,yellow,green etc
11mm-20mm 1220mm*1830mm (4ft*6ft)
  1220mm*2440mm (4ft*8ft)
1.20 transparent white, red, black, blue,yellow,green etc
◆ Features:
1)High transmittance up to 92%;
2)Light weight: less than half as heavy as glass;
3)Excellent weather resistance to against discoloration and deformation;
4)Exceptional impact resistance: 7-16 times greater impact resistance than glass;
5)Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance: resistance to acid and alkali;
6)Ease of Fabrication: Acrylic sheet can be s painted, silk-screened, vacuum-coated and    also can be sawed, drilled, and machined to form almost any shape when heated to a pliable state.
7)Available to UV & Screen printing for sign

◆ Application:
1)Construction: show window, doors, light-absorpting shade, telephone booth.
2)Advertisement: lamp house, signboard, indicator, display rack.
3)vehicle: door and window of car and train.
4)Medical: infant incubator, many kinds of medical apparatus.
5)Civilian goods: bath room, art work, cosmetics, bracket.
6)Industrial: instruments and meters and protecting cover
7)Lighting: daylight lamp, ceiling lamp,lamp shade


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