Paper Foam Board

Paper Foam Board

Material: Poly Styrene(PS); Color: whiteredblackblueyellowgreen etc; Surface: Smooth.


◆ Specification:
Type:Paper Foam Board
Standard sheet:700*1000/1220*2440/1520*3050mm
Special size available as requests.
Color: white, red, black, blue, yellow, green etc
Surface:all the board can be covered on one side self-adhesive

Board type Thickness(mm) Size(mm/ft) Color
Paper + PS foam
PS Film+ PS foam
3/5/10mm 700*1000/1220*2440/1520*3050mm white,   red, black, blue, yellow, green etc
Remark:   we also can provide all the board covering on one side with self-adhesive.

◆ Features:

1. Smooth, Light-weight.
2. Sound insulation, heat insulation .
3. Weather proof.
4. Easy to clean and maintain. 
5. Color: white, red, blue, yellow, green, black.
6) High-impact facers resist warping.
7) Light weight and water resistant. 
8)Excellent reputation for great performance.
9)Rigid and durable yet can be cut with a knife
7)Available to UV & Screen printing for sign

◆ Application:
1) Advertisement: exhibition & POP Displays, printing, silk screen printing, engraving materials, sign board, etc.
2) Package: Gift box and food packing
3) Building: Models,partitions, wall cladding, indoor, or outdoor decoration,air conditioning ducts, windows and false ceilings
4)Industrial Application: thermoforming products, refrigeratory warehouse project, environmental protection.


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