PVC Rigid Sheet

PVC Rigid Sheet

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC); Color: Transparentwhiteredblackblueyellowgreen etc; Surface: Smooth/Embossing/Frosted.


◆ Specification:
Type:Rolling sheet/ Extrusion sheet
Thickness: 0.08mm -30mm can be customized
Width: 350mm-1700mm
Density: 1.30 g/cm³-1.50 g/cm³
Color: Transparent, white, red, black, blue, yellow, green, etc
Surface: smooth/embossing/forested

Thickness(mm) Size Density (g/cm³) Type
0.08mm-0.80mm Width:350mm-950mm
  Length: can be customized
1.30-1.50 Rolling   Sheet
0.20mm-3.0mm Width:350mm-1300mm
  Length: can be customized
1.30-1.50 Extrusion   Sheet
3.0mm-60mm Width:1000mm-1700mm
  Length: can be customized
1.30-1.50 Extrusion   Sheet
Remark: The special thickness/density/size can be customized

◆ Features:
 1)Flame retardant.
2)High transparency
3)Good surface luster
4)Crystal points less 
5)Strong resistance to impact
6)Easy to shape
7)Easy to Cut, saw, turn, drill, plan, mill, grind & screw
8)Weather resistant,water proof, excellent UV resistance
9)Resistant to most acids and alkali solutions. 
10) Available to UV & Screen printing for sign

◆ Application:
1)Point of purchase (POP) displays, advertising signs
2)Bank or knds of card
3)Splash guards,
5)Protective headgear,
6)Display cases, bins,
7)Construction related uses , safety glazing, frame covers .etc
8)Food& Bottling plant applications
9)Photo frame
10) Stationery


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